VIP & life-coaching, сorporate coaching

Professional coaching is co-operation,
that helps customers to achieve real results
in their personal and professional lives.
The International Coaching Federation (ICF)

From the first person:
Probably, my colleagues and I have been very lucky. We have got a totally unique experience in coaching and psychotherapy that enables us to offer effective approaches in a particularly situation.

Firstly, we learned directly from the NLP authors.
Secondly, within more than two decades of practical experience we have gained unique experience of psychotechnologies application, including the situations requiring ultimate professional excellence and maximum personal commitment.

Thirdly, my professional activity made me and my colleagues meet many interesting people who had attained the unique heights in their fields due to the unique psychological organization of their own lives. Working with them, helping them with our professional skills and at the same time learning from them was the best school for my profession, transforming it from a craft into art.

If we count the number of the VIP trainings we have conducted, we can get the number of more than 500. We have worked as consultants and coaches for presidents, heads of governments, ministers, political leaders, big business owners, corporations top managers, celebrities, many iconic people of our time.

The main thing we have learned in coaching is that a desire and a goal generate opportunities. Working with a coaching consultant to revolutionizes one’s way of thinking, it will be a revelation for another one, and someone will be able to open a new stage in life, business, or career.

Alexei Sitnikov

Everyone has a huge potential and a lot of talents. Unfortunately, lots of really necessary abilities remain unfulfilled. Coaching is the assistance to a person in the realization of his latent abilities in his self-development.

Many successful and development-oriented people who need a coach come to us in order to make their life more meaningful, their professional activity more effective, more aimed at outstanding results. A coach helps to resolve personal problems, to develop their own ideas bravely, to set ambitious goals and achieve them.

Of course, sometimes a coach has to act as a therapist and a consultant, for example, in business management and social activities, but it is not the essence of his work. A coach is not a therapist or consultant; a couch does not solve a client’s problems instead of him and the way they want it. The principle of coaching is always a role of a coach-trainer as a partner who helps a customer to build their capacity in the way they could independently make responsible decisions and build their future in accordance with their own life values as an author of their life.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is an individual consultation, support of a client. Personal coaching can be divided into two major areas: business coaching and life-coaching.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is most in demand among top managers. This is cooperation to achieve professional and personal goals in the context of the client’s business or organization. The aim in this case can be business results and indicators improvement or client’s career fulfillment, adaptation to a new leadership positions.

Most of the requests of our customers are initiated by their current activities and have complex character:

  • development of head’s leadership and managerial qualities;
  • personal effectiveness raise (mastering methods of self-organization and self-improvement);
  • business communication technologies (negotiations, communication with partners and contractors, building effective relationships with the staff);
  • techniques of public communication (communication with the press, public speech, conducting public discussion);
  • personal positioning and personal PR.


Life-coaching is aimed at personal development and human life harmonization, it enables one to be more aware of themselves and solve the current problems in life, build relationship with the outside world and to establish the right balance between the different life spheres. Among the problems to be solved in this case there are the following:

  • personal growth promoting (awareness of their own capabilities, setting life goals and the development of internal motivation, the acquisition of the necessary skills and abilities, etc.);
  • the emotional intelligence development;
  • achieving harmony of the inner world, the acquisition of necessary skills of effectively combine all aspects of life;
  • working with specific problems: relationship coaching (interpersonal, family), removal of barriers, fears etc.

Corporate coaching

Corporate coaching is development of employees’ potential in particular aspects that are essentially necessary for the company’s development as a whole, for bringing it to a new level.

Various kinds of company’s actual problems are solved during the work, for example:

  • honing key managers leadership skills;
  • training specific management style and culture in the organization (management coaching);
  • preparation of prospective employees to solve complex problems, the formation of working groups and creative teams;
  • conflict resolution, optimization of relationships between employees;
  • increasing non-financial motivation of employees, increasing their efficiency;
  • promotion of innovation within the company.