Political projects administration and election campaigns

Having worked in political consulting for a quarter century, we not only know all about the technologies of political processes, having conducted many seminars and written numerous textbooks on this subject, having developed most of what is written in these books – but we can also predict the future of political technologies.

Main principles of our work: political anti-bias, professionalism, responsibility and complete confidentiality.

Main directions of consulting for politicians, political and social organizations:

  • Long-term social development strategies elaboration.
  • Image-building, politics and political association reputation management.
  • Development of effective relations with civil public organization, media, economic and governmental structures.
  • Building relationships with federal and regional interest groups.
  • Full range of social and social-psychological research.
  • Situation monitoring and rapid response system.
  • Conceptual and analytical support, resource analysis.
  • Coaching and consulting of top figures.
  • Communication skills training for top officials and media persons.
  • Development and implementation of national and regional scale communication projects.
  • Promotion in foreign media and international public organizations.
  • Full range of election campaign technologies of any level and complexity.
  • Crisis communication management.
  • Team building, organizational consulting and party construction.
  • Regional strategies development.
  • Volunteer programs.
  • Youth programs.
  • Management of distributed intelligence systems (think tanks, crowdsourcing).