Agency “R.I.M.”

The agency is one of the top companies in the sector providing advanced services in public relations and corporate communications.


ICCG Consulting group (Image Contact Consulting Group ICCG)

ICCG is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in political and psychological consulting, image and organizational development, management consulting, social-psychological and marketing research, public relations, advertising. The company has been working since 1989. ICCG President – Alexei Sitnikov. ICCG General Director – Victor Gaft. ICCG Director – Omsk Kadets.


Institute of Situation Analysis and New Technologies

Institute of Situational Analysis and New Technologies (ISANT) was created in June 1999 by Economic center of the Union of Russian Cities, the Association of Siberian and Far East cities and by “Rakurs PR” Agency. ISANT staff are highly skilled professionals in sociology, mathematics, political science, psychology, journalism. Most of them are scientists, PhDs. ISANT […]