International day of political consultant

There was a period in my life when I was bored with celebrating my birthday. But I wanted to meet my friends on the day. Without congratulating me and giving me presents. So we established the international day of political consultant.

On this day we just gather all leading politics and public figures, famous businessmen and leaders of trade unions, funds, associations, heads of major media structures and journalists and other outstanding people, and talk from the heart. However, it wasn’t me to come up with this idea. It was my wife that time, extraordinary clever Katya Shkolnik. And all political consulting community is grateful to her for it. Thank you, Katya! Fortunately, today most of my friend and colleagues have already forgotten that it was my birthday. They come without gifts. By the way, you can also join! You can find out about the events of the International day of political consultant in the announcement of the website.