Conference “New election technologies”

We wanted to make the scientific-practical conference “New election technologies” into a platform for experts’ communication in political consulting. But it has become an annual biggest forum for political scientists, leading Russian image-makers, heads of PR companies, politicians and analysts. We gather to discuss new technologies and political projects, the combating ways for “dirty tricks” and methods of covert psychological impact in the professionals circle. Over the years at the conference there were many our friends and colleagues such as: political scientists Gleb Pavlovsky, Sergey Markov, Igor Bunin; analysts Leonid Gozman, Viktor Minin, Michael Dymshits; political consultants Igor Mintusov, Natalia Belenko, Alexey Kurtov, Nikolai Petropavlovskiy. As well as political parties representatives, CEC and Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, regional administrations of the Russian Federation.

Media partners of the conference over the years have been “Business people”, “Sovetnik” (“Advisor”), “Soobshchenie” (“Message”) magazines, “Moscowskiy Komsomolets” and “Izvestia” newspapers, radio “Echo of Moscow”, the internet editions Sostav.ru, politcom.ru, cpt.ru, regions.ru, russ.ru.